the legend

in the aforementioned histories of the great land of DonuTokyo there are many legends and legacies. one of the greatest is that of Quart.

Quart was a simple man, he never aspired to greatness, he never aspired for much of anything. Read the rest of this entry »

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out of box

allright, sorry folks, this is no longer really used, if you have a link here, replace it with
peace people.

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okies, since at least one person expressed interest in it, i will give a little more info about my short story idea. approximately a month ago I had a pretty in depth dream, and had an image of lots of different places I could go in life from where i was then. this story picks three of those paths, and creates a person to fill them. the narrator is repeating a story told to him by someone else, and doesnt realize that the stories could have easily been him. the only real goal of hte story is to illustrate how a person can change. and this dream had entirely too much detail in it to let it lay only in my head. I was once told that the best authors write about what they know, why not write something based on an extremely vivid dream? a full accounting of the dream would probably take years to convey all the details that were in it, so this story just picks 3 out of the thousand+ paths that were laid out. It was one heck of a dream. surprises me how much of it i remember, even now.

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movie night

and thus ends the first channel movie night here at DonuTokyo’s Bar and Grille. had several people over, brimstone, Jules, Gomez, Opticron, and roommate James. watched shutter, a japanese horror flick, and final destination 2. it was bring your own eats/drink. shutter was pretty freaky, and final destination was final destination. I guess it went well. Didnt hear any complaints, but those tend to stay secret from the host 😛 did manage to have some laughs, always a good sign. and I think the mood was generally good. I got to shoot gomez with an airsoft gun, sorry bout that gomez 😛 hopefully no real damage occured. i think it hit jeans. oh well. perhaps this will at least end the project of gomez, Opticron, and brimstone to visit the trailer here. now i just have to visit the apartment of mogorman and cherry. it seems as though everyone else has. perhaps someday it will happen. i hear the antics of the chinchilla rambo are somethign to see.

peace people. live well, breathe deep, seek peace.

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